This is me, Lina, signing what proved to be my sentence to life-long abuse. What made me start this blog is the realisation that it seems I committed one of the worst crimes -. I married the wrong guy – and now I’m serving my due punishment. I’ve been deprived of my freedom for 14 years now, and there’s no hope of regaining it in the coming 10 years either. What’s more, even my children are deprived of their freedom, and also of their fundamental rights – and all this in the name of “the best interest of child”, and with reference to the UN convention on the right of a child.

Ours is a weird true story. Yes, true, and a sad one. What you can read here is happening NOW, in the 21st century, in the heart of Europe. The names are, of course, not the real ones, to protect privacy of the participants – but this could practically turn into the story of any family. There is nothing special about us. In fact we are a “typical” family: 2 children, parents divorced. But we are not the type where the father disappears from the life of the family, although many times I wish we were. No. Our case is much worse. Hector seems to have a maniac addiction to torturing us. Not physically, because that’s easy to prove. No. From the outside he is a well-established, respected citizen, in a responsible position in public administration. But at home, a lunatic. 

We’ve been divorced for 7 years now, and still his only motive in life is to take revenge. At any price. Even at the price of risking our children’s lives. I’ve never thought anything like this could happen, let alone receive support from the child protection authorities. But, yes, this is indeed a world where anything could happen – so I’m sharing my story.

If it makes you think and helps you look at your life from a different angle, it was not in wain.

If this helps just one woman to avoid a similar fate, or gives but a slight comfort to a single soul going through similar tortures, it’s very much worth it.

If it reaches people who are in a position to help families avoid all this pain, and they actually do help, this world woud become a better place to live.